The Power of a Voice

This week has been such an interesting week, but it has led me to truly get what it means to rest in the shelter of God. As I share different parts of my story that matter to me, that are my no more statements, it has stirred up different emotions, but the biggest thing is […]

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The Story of a Friend

This morning I want to share a friend’s story, she sent it to me with permission to share. I ask that you read it with great care and that you hear her words. She is a very dear friend of mine, she has one of the biggest hearts, she is fun, positive, silly, and is […]

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It matters

#‎NOMORE‬ sleepless nights. That is probably the one thing I long for the most. That has probably been one of the hardest parts of the last 27 months. Now this is something that has definitely improved over time and as I work through things, but it is also one of the most frustrating. I can […]

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Change the Conversation

Today for #NOMOREWeek I want to share about something that is super sensitive. I want to start by saying that this post is not to make anyone who said any of these things feel bad. Because I know that these things weren’t said with an intention to make me feel bad. So, I want to […]

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This is Why I Say

Since it has ‪#‎NOMOREWeek‬. Which mars the one year campaign of‪#‎NOMORE‬ through the Joyful Heart Foundation. They have been running ads and raising awareness about the backlog of rape kits, raising awareness about the silences, the shame, and the guilt that happens in situations of sexual assault and domestic violence. I love how the goal […]

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Grace. Just grace, I dare say is the framework for my relationship with Jesus. Christ is the solid foundation but alongside love I am often bestowed with an abundance of undeserved grace. Looking over the last 2 years, the last week even, I feel completely cherished by the favor, love and opportunities God has given […]

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