3 Year Mark

Each year I like to reflect on what has changed. It gives me an opportunity to give the glory to God, to celebrate, and see how much things have changed. And each time I am left in awe. This year is no different. The year before, 2014, was all about finding my voice. learning that […]

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The Meaning of Christmas

I never thought that Christmas would be a joyous time again. The last 2 years I dreaded December, Christmas, New Years, the holidays and everything that came with them. It all hurt, it all served as a reminder of 3 years ago. I thought that it would forever define and mark the season of the […]

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Continued forgiveness

Here I am almost 3 years later. It will be 3 years at the end of this month that you raped me. I will never know why. And I still have times that I have to remind myself that all the anger and hate isn’t mine to hold, that I don’t have to be stuck […]

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