4 Year Mark

I am just about to the 4-year mark of being raped. Each year this season brings about a whirlwind of emotions. However, they are different each year. This year has been all about change. I began working on my master’s in social work, moved, started a job doing case management and community-based rehabilitative services for […]

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Angry at God

I am mad at God. That is a tough sentence to write, it is raw and vulnerable. It is a sentence that carries a punch and one that can cause discomfort to others. It can lead to people trying to rush in and fix the anger towards God. But the truth is they can’t fix […]

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The Enemy is Afraid

Five weeks ago I moved and started this incredible journey of going back to school, of pursuing my Master’s in Social work. I have been having an incredible time, reconnecting with friends, making new friends, going to classes, securing an internship and enjoying being in a new place. This new beginning has been laced with […]

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The Next Chapter

Today, I had my last counseling appointment. Let me tell you it was a mix of emotions, but it is all part of this next chapter of my life. I have learned a lot in the last 3.5 years. And I realize I have grown a ton. I want to share a little bit about […]

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The Uncomfortable Conversation

Shame, guilt and fear. Those were the things that drove me to silence. A silence that was difficult to break. Once it became my secret it stayed that way for years and it hasn’t been until very recently that I have even shared parts of my story with people that I trust about being molested […]

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Just Listen

If someone you know tells you that they have been sexually assaulted simply listen. That is the most practical and most caring thing that you can do in that moment. And by listen I mean be fully engaged and focused on that person. If they hare choosing to tell you there story take it and […]

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