I’m not crazy

This last week I had an experience that was new to me. I was in a group at Divorce Care, and in conversations references were made to individuals who have bipolar and other mental health struggles, in that conversations they used terms such as crazy and cuckoo. They made reference to the psych hospital being […]

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Why It Matters

I’ve been wrestling a lot this last week with why the response to Kavanaugh’s accuser, Dr. Ford matters. And specifically why it matters to me. The truth is it stirs up emotions and doubts around my own assault. It reminds me of my assault. My newsfeed has been flooded with rape culture and hate. It’s […]

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An Open Letter to my Ex

To My Ex Husband, It was a year ago today that we were preparing to say “I do” to each other. We were preparing to make a covenant to each other before God. I was anxiously preparing to see you for the first time on that day. It was a busy day of pictures, family, […]

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I am nearing what would have been mine and my ex’s first wedding anniversary. In 13 days that day will arrive. Currently as I look through Facebook it pops up memories of a countdown to the wedding. I look at those memories and my heart fills with sorrow. The struggle lately has been with the […]

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Solid Ground

I have attempted to write this blog entry multiple times, but each time it feels filtered. So this is my unfiltered approach to this entry. Divorce sucks. My divorce is finalized and it has been emotionally draining and taxing. Getting the signed papers in the mail made reality set in. I have been weepy, angry, […]

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A Love Letter

Going through the process of divorce has been taxing and trying both emotionally and spiritually. I have felt that the failure of my marriage has become a defining factor, that it disqualifies me in many ways. It seemed too big of a thing to overcome. But, all of those things were lies from the enemy. […]

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Death Without a Funeral

Silence: It screams. It yells. It  hurts. It is a reminder of the brokenness, the loss, and the hurt caused by divorce. Silence has a feeling, it’s heavy, it’s sorrowful, it feels unbearable. In the silence I can feel the broken pieces of my heart. Those broken pieces are wrecked by abandonment, shattered by deception, […]

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